Hartt Happenings
Issue 02
4 Trombonists Graduate!

R. B. and Hartt are proud to announce the graduation of four special trombonists. All are gifted in their own unique way and are certain to have successful careers in their individual endeavors.

Jared (Jed) Cordell, bass trombone performance major, is one of a trio from Massachusetts and is working at Hartt this summer.  He plans to take a year off to practice while he contemplates his next thrust into the music business via the audition circuit, possibly graduate school, a military band, etc. Robert (Rob) DuBois is also from Massachusetts and was awarded the Bachelor of Music Education degree.  A naturally gifted trombonist, he is interviewing in the central Connecticut area for his first public school appointment. The third of the Class of 2003 Massachusetts threesome is Sean MacDonald. One of the hardest working students to exit the trombone studio, Sean majored in Music Education and plans to stay in the Greater Hartford area where he is currently interviewing for a public school position. Lastly, Gregory Marchini, a native New Jerseyan (Jerseyite?), graduated from the Music Production and Technology Program.  Greg is completing his internship in Hartford this summer and hopes to secure a job as a recording engineer in northern New Jersey or New York.

Though it would be a stretch to say that all was hunky-dory for four years with these young men and their teacher, I can honestly say that I enjoyed working with each of them and that I will miss their presence and contributions.  I wish them well and hope that each has a satisfying career in his chosen profession. 

Hey guys, have a good one and don’t neglect the Bermuda Triangle.  Keep in touch!




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