Hartt Happenings
Issue 01
Eric Ewazen Visits Hartt Hartt Orchestra Flirts With Disaster Reveille Visits Hartt

On Monday, 8 December, 2003, American Composer Eric Ewazen visited Hartt and worked with the trombone studio. 

He coached students in two of his solo works, Concertino for Bass Trombone and Sonata for Tenor Trombone.  Sophomore Peter Wood performed the Concertino and three students, his Sonata: sophomore Jakob Voychick, the first movement, freshman Stacy Blair, the second and senior John Miller, the last.   In addition, he worked with the trombone ensemble which performed his Fantasy and Double Fugue and the first and second movements of the Grand Canyon Octet.

Working with a well-known living composer on his own pieces was a tremendous experience for the Hartt students and of untold benefit to their education.  Mr. Ewazen seemed unusually impressed by and appreciative of the student performances, commitment and passion for his works.  He promised to send more of his pieces for the studio to use.

Flying in the face of the disastrous blizzard of December ’03 and as a prelude to it, the Hartt Symphony Orchestra, under the leadership of Christopher Zimmerman, presented its final concert of the Fall Semester on Friday, 5 December. 

The students performed an all Russian program featuring the Rachmaninoff Third Piano Concerto (Op. 30 in d minor) with Hartt Professor Luiz de Moura Castro as soloist and the Prokofiev Fifth Symphony (Op. 100 in B-flat Major).  Given the impending storm, the concert was surprisingly well-attended. 

Ron’s students John Miller, Kevin Virgilio and Peter Wood played in the concert.

On Wednesday, January 22, 2003 the professional trombone trio, Reveille, presented a workshop at Hartt. 

The trio, comprised of internationally known trombonists Sarah Cline, Abbie Conant and Julie Josephson, specializes in improvisatory performance.   Their presentation consisted of a short concert followed by an instructional/experimental session with Hartt students (trombonists and non) where everyone tried expressing themselves, with minimal Reveille guidance, in this mostly unfamiliar manner.  Attendees were very enthusiastic and energized by participating in this unique experience. 

The Hartt School and Ron appreciate the visit by Abbie, Julie and Sarah and thank them for their contribution to the education of our students.




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