Hartt Happenings
September 2009
Two Upcoming Concerts Feature Trombones

Two terrific Fall Semester concerts heavily involve the trombone world at Hartt. On 7 October, the Hartt Contemporary Players Ensemble is performing a concert featuring the trombone as solo instrument at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century. Featured are current Hartt students Ronald Edwards, playing Roger Reynold’s “From behind the unreasoning mask” for trombone, percussion and pre-recorded 4 track and Matthew Russo, performing Elliott Schwartz’s “Essays” for trumpet and trombone. Also being featured are guests Benjamin Herrington with Alun Hoddinott’s “Ritornelli” for solo trombone and small ensemble and Julie Josephson, a former student of Dr. Borror. Julie will be playing the “Trio” for trombone, piano and mallets by Charles Wuorinen and her own composition “Collision Collage” from the “Harvest of Echoes” for trombone and 1947 John Deere B tractor. The program ends with le Creation du monde by Darius Milhaud, Matthew Russo playing the solo trombone part.

The second concert, on 20 November, highlights the Hartt Trombone Ensemble. The program is entitled “Trombones + 1” and brings together ensembles of different sizes performing works from the Renaissance, baroque, romantic and modern eras on alto, tenor and bass trombones and on sackbuts. Both concerts are at 7:30 PM and admission is free.




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