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Tony Rinaudo

Richard Rinaudo is a Music Education undergraduate student of the 2005 graduating class, studying with Dr. Ronald Borror.  Formally, or “on the papers,” he is Richard Anthony Rinaudo.  But around Hartt and home, you would hear him better known as “Tony.”  In the fourth grade, Tony heard his first front-row-seat sounds of a solo trombone when his elementary band director was displaying the various instruments.  “The Pink Panther” was the trombone song chosen by the director, which coincidentally, was Tony’s favorite cartoon at the time.   Since that occasion, Tony has been performing on the trombone without pause.  During the spring of 2000, Tony was awarded 1st prize for “Best Soloist” in the Jazz division, in Virginia Beach at the Festivals of Music Competition.

Tony began his musical studies of piano at the age of eight, when he embarked on lessons with Barbara Billings.  These continued until he was in the 8th grade, where he inquired about becoming the drummer for his middle school jazz band.  Once chosen, he commenced private percussion lessons for 2 years with Ernest Centoscudi. 

After completing his undergraduate degree, Tony likely plans to begin teaching a wind ensemble, at an undisclosed grade level, before assuredly seeking a Masters.  When ever he is not trying to fit 25 hours into the day, Tony is usually enjoying time with his friends and family, or doing his best to relax.  Some of his other lesser-known enjoyments are driving, listening to Christmas Jazz (usually season permitting), sleeping, avidly rummaging through eBay, cooking, and brushing up on his pool skills.  He also enjoys candle-lit dinners, and long walks on the beach.  


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