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Robert Dubois

Robert Dubois is from Bellingham, Massachusetts.  He began playing trombone in the 7th grade.  His teacher in high school was Jessica Lesieur, and he frequently attended master classes at the Boston Conservatory with Lawrence Issacson.  In 11th grade, he was selected to guest perform with the United States Air Force Band in a concert at Mechanics Hall; Worcester, MA.  In high school, he was selected to perform with regional and all-state bands and orchestras every year.

He pursued his trombone study with Dr. Ronald Borror at the Hartt School.  Studying privately with Dr. Borror while learning music education concepts was his main reason for choosing Hartt.  While at Hartt, he has performed with the Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, various chamber groups, and the Hartt Trombone Ensemble.  As a senior, he was selected to perform as a soloist at the Paranov Performance Hour.   He is also the tenor trombonist of the Chester Brass Quartet, a group that plays regularly in both Connecticut and Massachusetts.   He also performs in weddings, ceremonies, church services, and receptions in the Greater Hartford area as part of various brass groups.

In addition to playing the trombone, Rob maintains a very active interest in conducting.  He studied conducting with Glen Adsit, and last summer he attended the 2002 Instrumental Conductor’s Workshop with Adsit and Jerry Junkin.  In October of 2002, he was appointed music director of the Western Connecticut Community Wind Ensemble.  After graduating from Hartt, he aspires to be a high school band director.  He also hopes to pursue a master’s degree in wind conducting.


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