Freshman Feature

This year’s entering trombone class is an eclectic quartet of students in terms of geography, major and background. 

Allan Beaudry is from Derby, Vermont (the far northern part) and, though he has never studied privately, he was admitted to the University to major in Acoustics and Music.  His goal is to work at an instrument or amplifier/speaker design company and, in addition to the trombone, he likes to play the guitar and bass. 

Attending the University to study Elementary/Special Education, Susie Hebert hails from Holden, Massachusetts.  The primary impetus bringing her to U of H was the opportunity to pursue her major plus her highly motivated love of playing the trombone.  Susie also enjoys swimming and hanging out with friends. 

Fellow Massachusettian Matthew Visconti (yes, another Matthew!) lives in Franklin.  A bass trombone Performance Major, Matthew was a member of the Greater Boston Youth Orchestra and spent the summer touring Europe with that group.  In addition to trombone, he enjoys music (I wish all trombonists did!), soccer and astronomy. 

Lastly, Carl Vogel, Jr. was influenced to attend Hartt by his teacher (and former RB student), Hartt graduate Nick Rotindo.  Carl, from Medford, New Jersey, is majoring in Acoustics and Music and would like to work at an Acoustical Consulting Company.  He also enjoys playing jazz, frisbee, soccer and poker.


I would like to issue an official welcome to these four and wish them good luck (and persistence) in their studies!



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