Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon Lambda

The Brotherhood of Alpha Sigma Phi

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Brotherhood is the development of lifelong human relationships based on respect, mutual love and support. Alpha Sigma Phi provides opportunities for its members to experience Brotherhood through the creation and maintenance of Chapters.

By experiencing Brotherhood, the members of Alpha Sigma Phi grow stronger intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually, thereby becoming more empowered to enrich society and improve the quality of life.

The chaotic state of moral and ethical values within our society has prompted many of our members to urge Alpha Sigma Phi to expand and strengthen the Brotherhood experience. In addition, increasing numbers of men desiring membership have expressed their eagerness to experience Brotherhood.


Goals and Objectives:

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Alpha Sigma Phi will actively work with new members to create an environment of respect, mutual love and support, within each chapter. Further, in support of our motto "To Better The Man," Alpha Sigma Phi will provide programs and services that assist each member to: Pursue high scholarship.

  • Pursue high scholarship
  • Seek a deeper awareness and understanding of self and others
  • Recognize the qualities that make self and others unique and needed
  • Demonstrate responsible leadership
  • Exemplify integrity, patriotism, and respect for the opinions, beliefs, actions, cultures and principles of others
  • Serve others
  • Invite without prejudice men for membership
  • Possess self-confidence
  • Exercise autonomy
  • Demonstrate behavior which exemplifies the Fraternity's Code of Conduct

Alpha Sigma Phi is still looking for dedicated young men that are interested in Greek Life.

Contact any of the Brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi at the University of Hartford for more information.