Admission Requirements

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UNDERGRADUATE ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS TO UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD A candidate for admission must be a graduate of, or student who will be graduated from, an accredited secondary school, or must have passed a state secondary school equivalency examination. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) of the College Board or the American College Testing Program (ACT) is required.

The faculty and staff of the department are dedicated to educating students for careers in the design and construction fields. We draw upon the wealth of architectural talent in the region for visiting lecturers, adjunct faculty, and critics to provide a well-rounded, balanced education in the art and science of architecture.

TECHNOLOGY ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Candidates are expected to meet the following requirements:
- 4 units of English
- 1 unit of social studies
- 1 unit of physics or 2 units of other laboratory sciences
- 2 1/2 of mathematics (Algebra I & II, trigonometry recommended) construction fields.

Additional factors considered for admittance:
High school performance, nature of high school program, standardized test scores, special skills and talents relevant to engineering technology are considered. Advance placement and transfer credit may be applied toward the degree program.

PORTFOLIO SUGGESTIONS Those interested in having their portfolio evaluated should provide 6 - 10 pieces that display their creative talent. Materials may include Fine Art Drawings, Sketches, Paintings, Essays, Photography, Film, Video, Poetry, and Sculpture. Applicants are encouraged to submit their portfolio directly to the Recruitment Manager.

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