ARB 110

Study Sheet for Ancient Near Eastern Art and Architecture


Dates to help you study

These are the dates for the cultures at their heights.

Sumerians: 4000 BCE-2300 BCE

Akkadians: 2340 BCE-2180 BCE

Old Babylonian: 1830-1550 BCE

Hittites: 1450 BCE-1200 BCE

Assyrians: 1100 BCE-612 BCE

Neo-Babylonians: 612 BCE-539 BCE

Achaemenid Persians: 539 BCE-331 BCE



Slides to know

Warka vase (4.3), 3500-3000 BCE, alabaster

Statuettes from Tell Asmar, 2700-2500 BCE, limestone/gypsum/alabaster

STANDARD OF UR, ca. 2600 BCE, wood and inlays of lapis lazuli/shell/limestone

Sumerian lyre, ca. 2600 BCE, wood and inlays

Victory stele of Naram-Sin, ca. 2300 BCE-2200 BCE, pink sandstone

Gudea with temple plan, ca. 2150 BCE, diorite

King Assurnasirpal II hunting lions, 883 BCE-859 BCE, alabaster

Lamassu, ca. 720 BCE, limestone

Audience Hall, Persepolis palace, ca. 500 BCE

            Also learn Capital (4.25) and stair relief (4.26)


Vocabulary to know





Hierarchy of scale (hierarchical proportions)

“Grotesques” or hybrids