Slide Sheet for Minoan and Mycenaean Art and Architecture


Dates Useful to Know

Prehistoric Cycladic civilization: ca. 3000-1200 BCE
Minoan: ca. 3000-1500 BCE

Mycenaean: ca 1600-1200 BCE



Slides to Know for Quiz

Palace at Knossos, ca. 1600-1400 BCE

Toreador Fresco, Knossos, ca. 1500 BCE

Snake Goddess, faience, ca. 1600 BCE

Ship Fresco, Akrotiri, 1650-1500 BCE

Boxers fresco, Akrotiri, 1650-1500 BCE

Lion gate, Mycenae, 1400-1300 BCE

Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, ca. 1300 BCE

Mask of “Agememnon”, gold, 16th c. BCE

Vapheio cups, gold, 16th c. BCE



Terms to Know

Buon Fresco or true fresco



Post and lintel



Tholos (plural is tholoi)