Candidate Personal Statements

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Name: Bobbi Giel

Major: Audio Engineering Technology

Graduation Year: 2015

Position: President/Chair

My name is Bobbi Giel and I am running for President of the Hartford AES Student Chapter.  I am a sophomore in the Music Production and Technology department at The Hartt School and have been working for the Hartt Recording Studio as a staff engineer for about a year now.  I currently hold the position of Vice President (Hartt Section) on the Hartford AES E-Board and would love nothing more than to take my experience to the next level as President for the 2013-2014 academic year.  The Audio Engineering Society is a remarkable resource for aspiring audio engineers to network with professionals and gain invaluable knowledge. In order to provide these opportunities, my plans include student workshops, field trips, and guest lectures. As President of the Hartford AES Student Chapter, I will strive to make next year the most successful year for our chapter.

Vote BOBBI GIEL for AES President!

Name: Jennifer Nulsen

Major: Music Production and Technology and Classical Piano Performance

Graduation Year: 2016

Position: President/Section HARTT Chair

My name is Jennifer Nulsen, and I’m a double degree candidate at the Hartt School in Music Production and Technology and Classical Piano Performance. I will be a sophomore this fall, and will also be starting as a staff engineer at the Hartt Recording Studio. I am very interested in bringing more helpful workshops and speakers for Hartford AES, and plan to use my past experience in high school as a leader of several societies and faculty member at Blackbird Academy of Arts, Inc, to bring this about. As for audio experience, I have been working in the studio as an assistant engineer and recently began an internship with Jim Chapedelaine’s studio in West Hartford. I am a highly motivated individual who enjoys working toward a greater educational experience for both myself and other individuals, and I look forward to working with all of you next year, hopefully as your Hartt Vice-President.

Vote JENNIFER NULSEN for HARTT Vice President!

Name: Vitor Cuccia de Campos

Major: Audio Engineering Technology

Graduation Year: 2016

Position: President/Section CETA Chair

Firstly, I want to tell you guys that I’m dedicating myself to be a truly member of the AES-E board, no matter what my duties are. I will be there not only for my duties and helping people out, but also to brining new events and new opportunities for the AES society. I hope I can be seen as potential Vice President for the board.

Vote VITOR CUCCIA DE CAMPOS for CETA Vice President!


Name: Keith O’Hara

Major: Audio Engineering Technology

Graduation Year: 2016

Position: Secretary

My name is Keith O'Hara and next semester I will be a sophomore in the Audio Engineering department here at U of H. I am applying for this position because I want to start getting more involved with audio on campus and I figured this is one of the best options. I am really interested in gaining more experience in the audio department and am looking forward to going on one of the many trips and gaining some first-hand knowledge.

Vote Keith O’Hara for Secretary!

Name: Shelby Palumbo

Major: Audio Engineering Technology

Graduation Year: 2016

Position: Treasurer

My name is Shelby Palumbo. I'm currently studying audio engineering technology and electronics engineering technology, and will be a sophomore this fall 2013. I'm interested in learning and receiving more hands on experience in all things audio/electronics related and would love a chance to help out our universities organization. I'm a hard worker, always on time, and very dedicated to the things I take part in...And therefore, I think I would be a great contribution to the AES board!

P.S. Audio is cool stuff.

Vote Shelby Palumbo for Treasurer!

Name: Zack Roberts

Major: Audio Engineering Technology

Graduation Year: 2016

Position: CETA Events Coordinator

My name is Zack Roberts. I'm doing a dual degree with Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering, and will be going into my sophomore year at CETA in the fall. I'm interested in creating a stronger AES chapter on campus, and meeting new people in the industry. Audio is a constantly evolving industry, and I would like to be as much a part of it as I can. I'm a hard worker, and dedicated person and believe I could make our chapter even stronger.

Vote Zack Roberts for CETA Events Coordinator!

Name: Shyann Chen

Major: Audio Engineering Technology

Graduation Year: 2015

Position: CETA Events Coordinator

Hello, my name is Shyann Chen and I will be a junior next semester as an Audio Engineering & Technology major. I believe I should be Event Coordinator because I currently have experience as Secretary for AES and I have learned from the previous coordinator. If I am voted to be the next Event Coordinator I can be the voice for the members on what trips you guys are interested in. I know everyone is definitely interested in hands on work shops and free stuff so I am the person that can make that happen. Please vote for me!

Vote Shyann Chen for CETA Events Coordinator!