CS 275 Introduction to Internet programming


Your work for this course (assignments, labs, quizzes, tests, exams) must be completed by you - the student - without the help of external sources such as the Internet or a friend.  Googling answers online is NOT ACCEPTABLE and constitutes academic dishonesty.

At the first violation of academic dishonesty, the student receives a 0 for the work.  On second offense, the student receives an F for the course.

Academic Misconduct: In the event that it is determined that you violated the Academic Honesty Policy, found in "the Source," the dean of your college will be notified and a note will be placed in your permanent file.  If previous violations have been filed, any penalty that may be assigned for the offense may be more severe than for a first time offense.  If this is the first recorded offense, subsequent violations of the honesty policy may then incur a steeper penalty.

Homework  Labs