University of California, 1962-1966 B.A. Sociology
Santa Barbara

San Francisco State University 1966-1968 M.A. Sociology

University of California, 1970-1973 Ph.D. Sociology
Santa Barbara

Title of Dissertation

"Detective Story: A Study of Criminal Investigations"

Teaching & Administrative Positions and Ranks Held:

University of California, Lecturer 1972-1973
Santa Barbara

California State College, Assistant Professor 1973-1974

University of Florida Assistant Professor 1974-1977

San Diego State University Assistant Professor 1977-1979

San Diego State University Associate Professor 1979-1982

Cambridge University, Visiting Scholar, Lent Term 1984

San Diego State University Professor 1982-1992

University of Texas, El Paso, Professor & Associate Dean 1992-1996

University of Hartford, Assistant Provost 1996-1998

University of Hartford, Professor, 1998-present

Administrative Experience /Committees

California State Stanislaus

Director, Administration of Justice Program
Personnel Committee

University of Florida

Academic Senate

Departmental Personnel Committee

Departmental New Building Furniture Purchasing

San Diego State University

Acting Departmental Chair

College of Arts and Letters Committee (Representing department to college)

Departmental Curriculum Committee, Chair

Departmental Library Committee

Departmental Personnel Committee, Chair

Departmental Promotion/Tenure Committee, Chair

London Semester Committee

University Computer Committee

University of Texas at El Paso

Acting Dean College of Liberal Arts (Summer 1994, Summer 1995)

Associate Dean College of Liberal Arts

Communication Department Chair Search Committee, Chair

Educational Technology Building Design Committee

Included participating in Academy of Instructional Technology (Research Triangle, North Carolina) workshop on designing classrooms for instructional technology and site visits to model instructional technology classrooms

El Paso Community College Articulation Committee

Faculty Development Committee, Chair

Interim Director, Master of Public Administration Program (1995-1996)

Internet Access Committee, Chair

LACIT (Liberal Arts Center for Instructional Technology) Committee, Ex- Officio

Dean's Office Representative

Liberal Arts Building Renovation Committee, Chair

NSF Model Institute for Excellence Coordinating Group

Social Work Director Search Committee, Chair

Vice President for Educational Technology Search Committee

University of Hartford

Assistant Provost (Reporting Units)

Business & Industry Education Development

Computer Services

Conference Center

Continuing and Adult Education

Institute for Distance Learning

Learning Resource Center (Library)

Interactive Media Services

Summer Place and Winter Place

Summerterm and Winterterm


Television Studio

Dean of Graduate Studies (Reporting units)

Graduate Center

Graduate Council

Council of Deans

Strategic Planning Committee for Technology, Chair

Connecticut Consortium for Distance Learning, University of Hartford RepresentativeGrant Applications, Awards and Reviews

A primary duty as Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts is to coordinate grants in the college to foster and assist funded projects. I created a questionnaire for all faculty in the college to solicit faculty interests in research and other creative work. The information regarding faculty interests was put into a database. When a request for proposal (RFP) was forwarded to my office, using the database, I would see if I could match faculty and RFP.

University of California Patent Fund Grant ($600) William B. Sanders (PI). Study and Research at the Institute of Criminology, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. (Awarded).

RIMI Grant to National Science Foundation ($85,000) S. Fernando Rodriguez (PI) William B. Sanders (co-PI) Harmon Hosch and Howard Daudistel (research participants). Gang Membership and Career Delinquency. (Not funded)

National Institute of Mental Health ($465,646) Harmon Hosch (PI) Howard Daudistel (co-PI) William B. Sanders (Co-PI). Ethnicity's Impact on Judicial Decisions: Violent Offenders (Not funded)

National Institute of Justice ($266,615) William B. Sanders (PI) S. Fernando Rodriguez (Co-PI) Gang Membership as an Intervening Variable in Juvenile Justice Programs. (Not funded)

National Science Foundation, ($75,000 planning grant awarded) $2.5 million/year for 9-11 years awarded. Member of Grant Preparation Task Force. Model Institute for Education. [Institutional Grant]. (Awarded)

Department of Housing and Urban Development ($513,632) pending. Ismael Dieppa and Kathleen Staudt (Co-PIs) William B. Sanders (research participant). A Community Outreach Partnership Center: El Paso and Surrounding Colonias. (Not funded)

Center for Western Hemispheric Trade ($1.2 million). Frank Hoy (PI) William B. Sanders (Liberal Arts Co-PI). This grant was part of a larger grant between the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, University of Texas at El Paso, and Texas A&M Laredo. Each university shared in a $10 million grant to study trade in the western hemisphere. (Awarded)

AmeriCorps. ($218,932) William B. Sanders (PI). Alliance for Community Development. [Institutional Grant]. (Awarded)

National Science Foundation Review Panel Member. Science Education Proposals. January 1996.

National Science Foundation Review Panel Member. Science Education Proposals. July 1996.

Department of Commerce ($1 million). Ismael Dieppa (PI) William B. Sanders (program design). Northeast El Paso Crime Reduction and School Success. (Awarded)

Sloan Foundation ($30,000). Merle Harris (PI) William B. Sanders) (UH-PI). Connecticut Consortium for Distant Learning. (Awarded) Spring 1998

State of Connecticut ($2,500) William B. Sanders (PI). Distance Learning Course Support Grant. (Awarded) Fall 1998.