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Tablet in Envelope: Mesopotamia, possibly Nippur. Ur III, c. 2044 B.C.E. Clay. 1921.118

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AUCW 180: Humanities

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     The information on these pages was originally created for the benefit of my students in Western Heritage: Humanities (AUCW 180) at the University of Hartford.    It includes the essential syllabus for the course, along with current assignments, due dates, and links to relevant resources.  Since these pages will be constantly updated throughout the term, they should be consulted at least weekly, as well as the day before each class meeting.

                  For general searches, of course,  I recommend Google.  For essential information regarding writing, language, grammar or style, I suggest the extensive list of links available on the University of Hartford Homepage -- particularly those related to Shakespeare, mythology, and the Bible.  Excellent reference links are also available at  Principles of Composition and   Guide to Grammar and Writing  (thanks to the late Prof. Charles Darling of the English Department at CCTC in Hartford).

                  In addition, I recommend Exploring Ancient Cultures because of its amazing reservoir of information about broad subjects of interest to me and because it includes one of the most impressive networks of links I have found on the Web.