Pictures of me and friends rides


 Mini Cooper
My Car on the pit

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Me and my truck at Taine Mountain


Jon L.'s Bad ass 78 Bronco
A wheelin machine

A.C. Cobra
My Project car
Me and the crew at the top of
Taine Mountain

Jons Bad Ass 327-Chevy tearin up the pike

A kid i met on the pike from Texas With 44in tires

Fricks good old Izuzu

One if the last weekends before collage out on the pike with A-Mans 78 Bronco, My Mini, and Larsons 91 Full size Blaser

Guites POS Jeep when will it ever be done?

Larsons old stepside chevy with 35"s

Larsons New Fullsize Blaser with 33" super swampers...damn yo brings new found respect to tthe art or lawn jobs. Nice post ya got there....

My sisters Corrado having the head gasket done last winter....its almost done/

Daves new car.......damn thats a step up from the Reliant

Terry and his 302 Fire Chicken