My Webpage

Hi, my name is Jessica Viscomi. I live in Massachusetts and I am a student here at the University
of Hartford. I am majoring in Physical Therapy with a minor in Psychology. This website shows
pictures of me and my friends.

Me, Jess, and Amanda having fun

Everyone having fun at the formal and I am the lucky one "taking the picture"

Amanda, Haley, and Jess posing for the camera

Jake, Me, and Jess. Jake gets all the ladies

Jake, Jim, Joe, and Ken looking good for the camera.

Jim thinking he is the next American Idol.

Haley and Me. I miss you sooo much hun, things aren't the same in Hartford without you.

All of us at our first protest.

Jim and Joe, what studs.

Amanda doing what she does best...DANCING

Come see my school: hartford

e-mail me: Jessica