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TEACHING INTERESTS: All aspects of advertising, integrated marketing communication, persuasion, media effects, and quantitative research methodology.

I teach the following courses:

                                     CMM 212: Persuasion

                                     CMM 311: Research Methods

                                     CMM 360: Ad Copywriting & Layout

                                     CMM 449: Media & Society

                                     CMM 260: Communication & Advertising

                                     CMM 460: Advertising Communication Tactics

                                     CMM 462: Advertising Competition.

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 RESEARCH INTERESTS: Cognitive motivation and involvement in mediated message processing; consumer behavior theory; persuasive and marketing communication message content; and the role that emerging technologies plays in mediated message processing.


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 I can be reached at the following:        Edward T. Vieira, Jr.
                                                                                        School of Communication
                                                                                            University of Hartford
                                                                                          200 Bloomfield Avenue
                                                                                    West Hartford, CT 06117-1599
                                                                                            Tel.: (860) 768-5418
                                                                                        Email: vieira@hartford.edu


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