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The University employs three models of Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones:

         4-line phone; for most faculty/staff desk phones

         5-line plus side-car capability; for multi-line switchboard/large office implementations

ITS/Unicom also offers an inexpensive analog phone, however, almost any standard analog phone, corded or cordless, should work with the system. Use of the analog phone model offered here is not required.


Phone costs:



4-line phone LCD display and speakerphone


5-line phone LCD display and speakerphone


Side-car (key expansion module) for 5-line phone


*Prices are an estimate and cannot be guaranteed



Phones may be ordered by contacting Unified Communications at:


Email: UniCom@hartford.edu

Phone: 860.768.4736

Once the charges are determined, an Inter-departmental Transfer (IDT) form must be completed and sent to ITS/Unicom, CC125. The amount of the phone purchase must be transferred to:


An IDT form can be downloaded here:

IDT form