University Park

The Mission of University Park:

A livable, prosperous community must have a full array of services that meets its general and specific needs. Participants in University Park work creatively to ensure that the educational, cultural, recreational and transportation needs of our unique community are met.

University Park Inc., has identified three examples where community planning, organizational cooperation, and targeted use of limited resources can help to make a critical difference to the community.

Healthy Families are the foundation of a livable comunity.Many of the University Park member organizations work either in education or in meeting the health and social needs of our families, particularly children and the elderly.

Successful Business is essential to a prosperous community. Businesses and institutions involved in University Park work together to ensure their own and each other's success. These efforts can mean growth and expansion in the retail, industrial, and services industries in our neighbourhood. This means employment opportunities and community stability.

Community / neighbourhood identity is also important to the quality of urban life. University Park institutions and business work to preserve, strengthen and promote the area's assets e.g. its institutions, businesses and residences.