University Park

History of University Park:

University Park, Inc., a Hartford-based, 501 (c)3, organization, is an attempt to bring together various institutions from three adjoining towns into a regional association. For several years, neighbouring for-profit and non-profit organizations, along with three municipal governments, have been meeting together and attempting to define ways in which participants can imporve not only their own business climate but also the business, services and cultural climate of this entire "regional neighbourhood". It is a progressive concept, seeking regional solutions to local problems. It represents a large number of prominent organizations. co-operating with one another to utilize limited resources efficiently. The desire of each organization to understand itself as part of a regional neighbourhood and to succeed, at least in part, because of those regional connections, is strong. It captures the imagination.

Most of the participants (members) have contributed to the financial support of the organization, and participate actively on its board of directors. Together these organizations and individuals have contributed over $30,000 to the support of University Park, which was matched by funds from Northeast Utilities, the Long Foundation, and a substantial start-up grant from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

The three municipalities involved in University Park work actively to help its institutional and individual members cooperatively to plan and implement land use strategies and service programs that benefit this regional neighbrouhood.