Summary of 2008 Collection

We collected for three day: first Sunday after most of the exams were over, when non-graduating students had to leave, and when graduating students had to leave. Some additional items were collected on the days before and after graduation.

Sam Dick of CUPS (Clean Up Public Spaces) and Alpha Phi Omega helped every day. The CUPS wagon was a joy to use.

Sherry Buckberrough (Art History) put in a hard days work and we made quite a haul of goodies, especially food.

Day 2 had Charles Ross (English), Michele Troy (Hillyer, English), and Sharon Shepela (Hillyer, Psychology) hauling many items, but now enjoying one of the nice couches we got.

Sam Dick and Brendan Baum are pausing to rest and enjoy some cold drinks found in a rescued refrigerator.

More goodies brought in by Michele Troy and Sharon Shepela.

Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services came between collection days and took lots of things.

Afterwards, we still had a trailer full of stuff and poorly organized--see below.

To bring some order to this chaos, Jay took 3 carloads of food and clothing to the food pantry and thrift shop associated with the Manchester Area Council of Churches. Several other people stopped by the trailer and asked for and were given things--probably a van-load or two of things went out this way.

Dave, a volunteer from A Hand Up, Sharon Shepela, and Donn Weinholtz (Educational Leadership) pause after loading the truck for A Hand Up. The organization also got a dining table and three chairs later. Next the trailer was organized for the trailer sale, where payment for purchases were checks made out to different charities or non-profit organizations. The pictures below show the trailer before the sale.

Most of these items were sold for very modest prices, but we did manage to raise $178 for various charities. The leftovers were given away on the next day after the sale.There were still some items available and offered on the West Hartford freecycle listserve. This did not work out well, as the notices were sent out late on Memorial Day weekend and no one could come when I planned on opening the trailer. So I had some items left. I tossed some and took home a couch on top of the car and put it out on Route 6 -- it was gone within a day--and took more things to the MACC thrift shop and the Salvation Army.