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What is CAPPA? We are a group of faculty and staff that promotes a more harmonious and responsible engagement with the environment and the communities in which we live and work. Towards these ends, we are committed to fighting social injustice and inequality in its various manifestations -- e.g., racism, imperialism, sexism, ageism, and homophobia.We welcome University of Hartford faculty and staff sharing a progressive political agenda to join us.

Our strategies for addressing these issues include: sponsoring social and political awareness events, organizing teach-ins for our campus, developing links with progressive student groups, and forming partnerships with progressive groups in the greater Hartford area.

We seek opportunities for collaborating with other groups on progressive events, direct action, and other consciousness-raising projects, both on campus and in the community. On our webpage, we will provide information about such events and make educational resources available to those wishing to get involved.

CAPPA's Listserv, CAPPA_L, is the member site for exchanging and debating progressive ideas, planning strategies for direct action, and distributing news, information, and research about issues of social or ecological injustice.

The views expressed on these pages or the CAPPA_L Listserv do not represent University policy or opinions in any manner.