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Below is a copy of the proposed Course and Instructor Evaluation Form with places provided for you to supply your input. Please help us by letting us know who you are.

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We need to understand what type of courses you teach/take so that we can better understand your responses. Please tell us in the text box below.

Please provide us with feedback on the individual items of the Course and Instructor Evaluation form. There are three response options, as well as space for comments, for each item: core, optional, eliminate. If you believe an item is fundamental to an evaluation and applicable to all types of courses chose core from the drop-down box to the immediate right of the quesiton. If you believe an item is useful but not essential and/or not applicable to all courses choose optional. If you believe an item is not useful or applicable to all courses choose eliminate.



Instructor and course evaluations are extremely important. It is through your feedback that faculty can improve their courses and teaching. Please take a few minutes to honestly respond to the following statements. You simply need to COLOR IN the appropriate bubble using the following scale:

             6 = not applicable
5 = strongly agree
4 = agree
3 = neutral/undecided
2 = disagree
1 = strongly disagree

Course Evaluation (Core items are indicated by an asterisk and are bold)


1. This course was well organized.*
2. This course provided useful information/skills.*
3. This course stimulated my interest in the subject.*
4. This course encouraged me to think critically.
5. Classroom discussions contributed to my understanding of course content.
6. The syllabus clearly stated the requirements and grading policy.
7. Course content and activities were consistent with objectives described in the syllabus.
8. Course materials were helpful (textbook, handouts, readings, etc.).
9. Assignments helped me understand the course material.

Instructor Presentation Skills/Communication
10. The instructor's presentations/lectures were well organized.*
11. The instructor presented the subject material clearly.*
12. The instructor was enthusiastic about the course material.*
13. The instructor's presentations/lectures were thought provoking.*
14. The instructor used examples and illustrations to clarify course material.
15. The instructor summarized and emphasized important points in class.
16. The instructor knew when the class did not understand the material and worked to ensure class understanding.
17. The instructor knew the course material.
18. The instructor used a variety of teaching techniques (e.g., videos, group work, student presentations, classroom activities, simulations, computers, etc.).
19. The instructor used class time effectively.
20. The instructor began and ended class on time.

Instructor/Student Interaction
21. The instructor was helpful and responsive to student needs.*
22. The instructor was available for extra help outside of class.*
23. The instructor encouraged students to ask questions and express opinions.*
24. The instructor treated the students with respect.

Instructor Feedback
25. The instructor clearly communicated grading criteria.*
26. The instructor provided helpful feedback.*
27. The grading of assignments was timely.*
28. The grading was fair.
29. The instructor clearly communicated expectations for assignments and exams.

Overall Evaluation
30. Overall, I learned a great deal in this course.*
31. I would recommend this instructor to other students.*
32. Overall, this course was excellent.
33 Overall, the instructor was effective.
34. I would recommend this course to other students.

Student Effort and Involvement
35. I put a great deal of effort into my work for this course.
36. I was challenged by this course.
37. I was motivated to learn in this course.

Student Information

If you believe that the following information can identify you in any way, please skip to questions 45-47.

38. Year(optional): 1 Freshman/1st year 2 Sophmore/2nd year 3 Junior/3rd year 4 Senior/4th year 5 Fifth year 6 Graduate 7 Other
39. College(optional): 1 Art 2 Arts & Sciences 3 Business 4 ENHP 5 Engineering 6 Hartt 7 HCW 8 Hillyer 9 Ward 10 Other
Please indicate the reason(s) for enrolling in this course (optional):
     40. Major/minor requirement      1 Yes 2 No
     41. College requirement      1 Yes 2 No
     42. University requirement      1 Yes 2 No
     43. Elective      1 Yes 2 No
     44. Other      1 Yes 2 No

Student Comments

45. What did you like about the course?*
46. What suggestions do you have to improve the course?*
47. What comments do you have about the quality of instruction?*

Did the core questions cover all appropriate aspects of your course/instruction? If not, what is missing?

Are there any questions you feel are missing altogether? What are they?

How comfortable will you be using this questionnaire?

What statistics would you like to see performed on your tabulated questionnaires?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?