Sandals by Temple
With the advent of modern technologies like the Internet and Twitter, the world has become a global village.  In light of this modernization, learning how to relate to other world cultures is a skill that is fast becoming a necessity.  While there are many ways and means to learn about cultures, nothing can replace authentic immersion in a foreign land.

Known as the “land of many smiles,” Thailand is a place unlike any other on earth.  Nestled in Southeast Asia, Thailand means “land of the free” because it has never been colonized.  In this way, Thailand has been able to preserve many of its original cultural characteristics, values, ways, and traditions.  Thailand also provides a unique infrastructure; on one hand Thailand is a comfortable place for touring and on the other hand, someone can easily access traditional and remote locations.

Buddhism, for example, which has been popularized recently in the West, is the primary religion of Thailand, which makes it an ideal place to study Buddhism and its impact on daily life.

Program Description
We are offering students an intensive, 2-week comprehensive study abroad program in Thailand.  By immersing students in a society that is vastly different from their own, and by having students experience Buddhist practices, we hope to ‘awaken’ students about both the world and their own internal nature.Man at Chiang Dao

Why Thailand?  Thailand represents a living case study of a non-Western Culture that has undergone significant modernization in recent years.  Still, with all of its changes, Thailand and its people have managed to retain a traditional cultural perspective, relying on meditative approaches to handle life’s stresses in the 21st Century.