Looking for lots of great Macintosh shareware programs to download? Most of those known to the Macintosh community can be found in the ZD Net Macintosh Library. In addition to a searchable database, this Ziff-Davis site maintains a list of popular downloads so you can see what all your friends are using. This is a tremendous resource that you only can appreciate fully by using it!
Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader is a utility for reading PDF files. PDF files are used when a publisher wants to maintain a document's precise formatting and layout integrity. Many documents are distributed in this format.
DropStuff DropStuff provides a quick and easy way to compress files and folders, which is useful if you're attaching files to an e-mail. DropStuff allows you to create StuffIt files (SIT), Binhex files (HQX), and self-extracting archives.
Eudora Lite

User Manual
Eudora Lite is a reduced-function version of Qualcomm's award-winning Eudora Pro POP e-mail software. This program has all the essential features required in an e-mail application including send/receive, reply, forward/redirect, carbon copy (cc) and blind carbon copy (bcc). Eudora Lite supports file attachments as well.
Fetch Fetch is the standard Macintosh program for FTP uploading and downloading.
Graphic Converter GraphicConverter is a first-class graphics conversion program that will do just about anything you could possibly want with graphics you have. It supports all of the popular graphics formats. It not only can import just about anything that you come across, it can also export to most common formats, including startup screen format as well as QuickTime.
InformINIT If you've ever wondered what all of those control panels, extensions, and other files in your System Folder are for, InformINIT is for you! InformINIT is an application which provides information on a mind-boggling number of System Folder files: control panels, extensions, system folder contents, and more -- from both Apple and third-party developers. Information includes file descriptions, who needs what, version numbers, RAM consumption, and helpful tips (even a few "secrets"). Where appropriate, files are organized into "groups" that are mainly used together.

It also contains sections on installing the latest system software, files which don't take up system RAM, items found loose in the System Folder, startup file management utilities, PRAM, and the Modern Memory Manager. It contains a primer on System software for beginners, and a thorough discussion of the new HFS Plus file format by Eric Belsley of the Mac Resource Page. It also provides links to some of the best Mac info sites on the Web. And rumor has it that Apple technicians use InformINIT as a resource for helping customers -- now that's a noteworty endorsement!

MidiPlay MidiPlay is a a MIDI file playback utility with a nice CD player style interface. Requires a MIDI sound module for output. Other interesting music and MIDI utilities can be found at the MIDI Farm in the Macintosh Utilities section.
Netscape Communicator Netscape Communicator, the update to Navigator, includes a suite of Internet utilities that should satisfy even the most demanding Net surfers. In addition to an improved Navigator feature that allows users to browse the Web even faster, Communicator also includes Composer (useful for creating web pages), an e-mail client, newsgroup reader, full Java and JavaScript support, and several basic plug-ins.
StuffItExpander StuffItExpander is the industry standard utility for unstuffing StuffIt (SIT) files and BinHex (HQX) files. Because this file download itself is binhexed, if you don't have an earlier version of the program, you should visit Aladdin Systems' web site for suggestions on how to deal with this catch-22 situation.