Are Athletes Role Models?


Some years ago Charles Barkley made the statement “I am not a role model“. Charles Barkley is outstanding role models for kids as they look up to him because of his positive attitude. Also, all the great and incredible things he does for the youth and the community. He interacts well with others and shows great leadership skills.  Most of all he loves kids!  Also, he is one of the greatest athletic in the basketball history.  His lifestyle and skills give kids hope and ambitious to do anything they want to do.


At the height of Michael Jordan’s career, everyone wanted to “Be like Mike”. Kids went out and bought his Air Jordan’s shoes, jersey, and anything else so they can be like Mike.  This is also a great athlete and role model as the kids love his ambitious and personality.  Mike encourages many kids over the years to pursue their dreams and not to let anyone tell them they are not capable of doing something. When Mike was dumping balls on the court and there were kids that did not have the height to dump balls.  The short kids were encouraged to keep trying and his role model gave them skills in other areas on the basketball court.  Sometime it is natural for kids to look up to athletes and movie stars.

In addition we have to remember that athletes are always in the public spot light.  The media maybe looking for negative things on the athlete or movie stars.  It is important to do your own research on the individual and found out the truth before you allow the media to make a decision on your role model.