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Contact Information
(from off-campus add (860)768- to phone numbers)

Mission and Systems
The mission of the UofH Telecommunications unit is to plan, operate and maintain the University's telephone, voicemail and cable TV systems. These consist of:

Telephone systems (PBX's):

Voicemail systems:

Cable TV system (managed and operated by Media Technology Services):

View telephone network diagram (requires Internet Explorer with VML). Also available: details of services.


During peak periods, the Telecommunications Unit technical staff sometimes receives more requests for service than can be handled at once. When this happens, we prioritize work according to its overall effect on the safety and welfare of all members of the university community, recognizing the special importance of telephone service to those who reside on our campus.

  1. PBX systems and telephone cable critical repair (multiple users affected).
  2. Public Safety dispatch office telephone repair.
  3. Residential telephone service repair. Residents are responsible for their own telephone instruments.
  4. Voicemail systems critical repair (multiple users affected).
  5. Administrative telephone repair (faculty and staff).
  6. PBX and voicemail systems scheduled maintenance and non-critical repair.
  7. Telephone moves, adds and changes. See note below.
  8. Residential data network wiring and outlet repair (for physical damage and wear only).
  9. Residential TV systems critical repair (multiple users affected).
  10. Residential TV outlet and signal repair. Residents are responsible for their own video equipment.
  11. TV outlet moves and adds. See note below.

Please note: All residential telephone, TV and data network outlet additions and moves can be ordered only by the Office of Residential Life. Individual residents may not order outlet changes directly from Telecom. We urge those who have a special need to move or add outlets to contact ORL for assistance. [Back to Student Phone Service]