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Student Telephone Service

For phone or TV questions, problems, repairs: call 7999.

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General Information About Phone Services and Features

Campus telephone service is included at no additional cost in all UofH student residences. In each bedroom, there is one active telephone jack. Each jack has its own number and may be called direct from anywhere.

Students wishing to use the telephone service need simply plug any standard "touch-tone" phone into the jack in the room. Be sure the phone is set for TONE because PULSE dialing is not supported.

OFF-CAMPUS SERVICE. Students who want to place local and toll-free calls to off-campus numbers can dial 9 plus the local or toll-free number. Long distance (toll) calls require the use of a calling or credit card. No billing service for direct-dialed toll calls is provided by the University.

COLLECT AND 900 CALLS. Because of the uncertainties involved in charging the appropriate individual for collect calls in shared residences, collect calls to student phones are not allowed. Although most long-distance carriers participate in an arrangement that blocks such calls, a few carriers still send collect calls through. When this occurs, the University is billed for the call and then attempts to identify the student who accepted the call. An additional fee may be charged to the student. We strongly urge students not to accept any collect calls. Calls to 900 numbers are not permitted.

ADVANCED FEATURES. Telephone features including speed dialing, on-campus call-forwarding, conference calling and call-waiting are available at no additional charge to all students who wish to learn how to use them and are willing to accept financial responsibility for unintended toll charges that can result when they put a long-distance call "on hold."

CALLER ID service is not available on the UofH telephone system. In addition, outbound calls are identified with a generic University trunk number - not the originating extension number - on recipients' Caller ID displays and on collect call bills.

ANSWERING MACHINES. Many answering machines are fully compatible with the UofH phone system. Some are not. We urge anyone buying a machine for use here to be sure that it can be returned if it proves incompatible.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. The University's Telecommunications unit is on campus at extension 7999 and can be called from off-campus at (860)768-7999.

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