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UofH Faculty/Staff Telephone System

Telephone Installation Costs

In contrast to the familiar practices of commercial telephone companies, UofH Telecom charges internal organizations the full costs of providing new telephone service at the time of installation. After installation, there are currently no recurring charges for ongoing local and on-campus service. Toll calls, however, are charged to using organizations on a recurring cost-recovery basis.

To have phone service, you need a compatible digital telephone (as shown in the table below) and a "digital port" on the telephone system. Note that each digital phone requires a digital port -- you cannot connect two phones to a port using a "splitter."

To have FAX or modem service, you need your FAX machine or computer modem, and an "analog port" on the telephone system.


Phone Model Cost Speakerphone LCD Display Lines "Feature" Buttons
RolmPhone 120 $50 Listen only No 1 12

RolmPhone 240 $175 Yes No 1-9 24

RolmPhone 240E $200 Yes Yes 1-9 24

RolmPhone 400 $250 Yes Yes 1-24 40

(All UofH RolmPhone sets are refurbished or in used, serviceable condition.)
RolmPhone wall-mount adapter for RolmPhone 120 and 240: $30
Digital port for RolmPhone: $100


Digital port (for RolmPhones): $100
Analog port (for FAX, modem, etc.): $200



Direct-in-dial number: no charge - please request only when phone must receive direct outside calls.


Replacement coiled Handset Cords:

RolmPhone wall-mount adapter for RolmPhone 120 and 240: $30

Ordering Telephone Service Additions, Moves and Changes

All requests for UofH faculty/staff telephone system changes requiring physical movement of phones, jacks or wiring must be made in writing using the Telecommunications work order form that you can download from here in any of three formats to print locally, or edit and e-mail to us at

Requests for logical changes such as telephone numbers on existing phones, pick groups and system forwarding may be phoned in to Telecom at x4736 or e-mailed to No form is required.

Authorization Codes

Authorization code ("PIN") requests should be made via e-mail to by a person with budgetary authority for the organization to be charged for toll calls made using the code. The e-mail should have "Telephone authorization code request" as the subject line and the message must include the name of the person to whom the code will be issued, the budget organization number to be charged, and the restriction level required (local only, Connecticut only, US/Canada/Caribbean only, or unrestricted).

Please note: The authorization code and voicemail service are not related. Requesting one doesn't constitute requesting the other. The procedures and requirements are very different.

Voicemail questions and change requests should be directed to your Voicemail Coordinator who will relay them to Telecom if needed.

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