Computer Support Representative Checklist

This checklist must be submitted at least once during your shift (sometime in the middle would be nice).
However we still encourage you to walk around the lab every hour. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Place a check in the box to indicate the following has been verified and work complete:


Shift Hours:

Which lab are you working in?

PC Seats Occupied      
Mac Seats Occupied   

All unoccupied chairs are pushed in.

Restart ALL unoccupied computers (once per shift).

All computers are working (if not, send a Problem Report).

There is enough paper (if not, send a Supply Request).

No one is drinking or eating.

Computer desks are clean.

CSR desk is clean.

Floor is clear of garbage, papers, dirt, books, etc.

What did you clean?

Is there any missing equipment? (mice, keyboards, etc)

What is missing?

Was a problem report logged?
If so, put an Out of Order sign on the computer.

Comments or Concerns: