Interesting Facts About Soccer

~Soccer is the most played and watched sport in the world.

~The most goals scored by one player in a game was 16.

~The most people to attend a soccer game was 199,845.

~Soccer originated from Britain.


About The Game

~ The object of the game is to scored the most goals. There are two 45 minute halves which gives each team 90 minutes to scored as many goals as possible

~There are only 11 players allowed on the field at a time. A goalie, usually 4 defenders, 3 mid-fielders, and 3 offense players.

~ The goalie can use his or her hand to block the ball from going into the net. It is also the defense's job to keep the ball away from the goalie. It is the offence's job to score the goals and keep the ball on the opposing team's side of the field.

~ When the ball goes out of bounds a player must throw it back in. There can be fouls which have their own special rules to follow.

~ If there is a tie; at the end of the game a 10 minute over time period will be allowed.


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