How to Write a Journal or Blackboard Discussion Response


If you are reading this, you have probably been assigned to either participate in a Blackboard Discussion or write a response journal in which you write about each literary work we read this semester. To your left is an example of a particularly good journal and Blackboard Discussion. Typically I will write a question on Sunday and ask for two responses that week. Here is a link to Blackboard 6. (Available only to the chosen few at the University of Hartford.)

Below is a typical assignment that you will have received if you are writing a paper journal.

You will also write two pages in your response journal for each play. The first page should ideally be written before we discuss the play, and the second should be written after.

  • The response journal is an informal personal response for each of the plays you read. Try to work out on paper what ideas are being put across in the work.
  • The journal should be typed, double spaced in twelve point font such as Times New Roman with one inch margins all around.