Skint Staging

It is also a challenge to light a particular space. A prosecnium space is what we associate with theatre and a black box is much more simple. One play I wrote and directed was performed in all three spaces, and then what is called traverse theatre. If you look at the diagram to the left diagram you can see the stage at C Venues, Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The stage is right down the middle, and the audience is to the left and right. Odd staging is often the case at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, because most are venues which aren't theatres the rest of the year. This production was scaled down from an arena stage seating 100 people to this small traverse stage with no possibility of scenery. Blocking (or moving the actors around the stage) had to keep in mind that the actors had to play to both sides of the audience.

Also think of the difficulty of lighting it with out getting in the audiences's eyes! To the right is a lighting diagram. Each lighting fixture is numbered, and we colored in each light with the appropriate color to light the stage.


This is a rough painting I did to show what the backdrop of my set for Skint should look like, and again, Iolo Jones, the designer made it happen. The set for the Sherman Theatre was much more extensive, but unfortunately I didn't take a photograh of that set. Here is a much smaller version of the set that we did when we put the play on at the Theatre Y Bont at the University of Glamorgan. This gives an idea of how sketches of a set become reality.