Mountain Language Pre-Show

I decided that the audience members should be exposed to the setting from the beginning of their theatrical experience. A sign was placed on the house door stating “International Acquisitions,” and as they walked in they were greeted by members of the corporation handed out a ridiculously bureaucratic 27B/6 form (with apologies to Terry Gilliam and the film Brazil) and asked them a few accusatory questions. The audience members then received a visitor’s pass and entered the auditorium, in which was softly playing elevator music. The audience was therefore made aware that they had entered a bureaucratic world with threatening undertones.

As the audience entered the auditorium, on stage was a pre-show I scripted, which does not exist in Pinter’s play as he wrote it. The guard, played by Justin Moran, was giving a mimed presentation. During the pre-show the Officer showed a number of slides and mimed discussing them. Again, the slides were threatening in an office-speak kind of way.