Mountain Language Links
  Best available production notes of Mountain Language
This site refers to an American version of the play and includes photos, and their explanation for not changing the British words to American ones. Well worth a look!!
  Production photos from a University of Essex Production of Mountain Language
This is an example of typical blocking of the first scene. Also note the typical dress for the officers and Mountain People.
  Photos from an Illinois State University Production of Mountain Language
Note the typical "peasant" dress of the Mountain People, as well as the blood-splattering on the prisoner.
  Links to a variety of Mountain Language Production sites
From the official Harold pinter website. Many links to international productions, some photos, few details.
  Mountain Sign Language
A production I have seen on video at the Theatre Museum in London. Think of how the meaning of the play changes if the suppressed language is sign language!
  Information about the original production of Mountain Language
One photo and excerpts from reviews of the 1988 production and 1993 television play.
  Pinter on the Kurds
Inspiration for the Mountain People of the play.
  General Harold Pinter website
General Information and links about the playwright.