Mountain Language Set Design

Often times, directors come up with the creative ideas that are only fully realized with the help of theatre technicians. For example, for Mountain Language I needed cubicles which would provide an office setting, and which would in other scenes be rotated to become prison walls. I told Harvey Campbell, the theatre technician, that I wanted cubicles, and he came back with this design, specifying a foam core and a fabric cover, among other details. He then pointed out what should have been obvious to me, that one of the walls would have to be breakaway for the audience to have an unobstructed view of the actors. Here is the result.

The point being that it is the theatre technicians and designers that bring improbable or ill-thought out ideas to life. The above photo shows the office cubicle, the sergeant (Jon) and the Female Office Worker (Carisssa Schneider) shows the office cubicles and people working. Note the breakaway wall, which is indicated on my set drawing by a dotted line.

The second photo with the prisoner (Nate Howe) the Officer (Justin Moran) and the Old Woman (Emily Gencarelli) shows how the cubicles were rotated to create the image of a prison cell. You can't see the edge of the cubicles but here is the design.