Reviews of Backslide

Backslide "illustrates in living color what it was like to grow up as a Southern Baptist in the ’60s, navigating the bumpy road from loneliness and sexual denial to self-assurance."- Advocate, October 21, 2008

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Sidetracks, then, is ultimately a novel about transformation, exploding binaries, and living in the 'gray"–the term Stores uses to characterize that place with no clear lines or rules or boundaries, that liminal space in which we must all make our own maps presumably on onion skin with a pencil so we can erase, redraw and refigure when we like."

-Lisa D. Meyer

Assistant Professor of History College of William and Mary

Reviews of Sidetracks...
Reviews of Getting to the Point...

"Every now and then, a novel comes along that is so powerful it makes me grateful that I can read. When the novel in question is a first novel, well, my joy at the discovery of a new voice multiplies my delight hundred-fold. Getting to the Point is an extraordinary first novel, filled with unforgettable characters and grand passions."

-Deborah Peifer, Bay Area Reporter

"...a thoroughly Southern gothic family novel–very much in the Southern story-telling tradition."

-Andrea L.T. Peterson

"...Stores has written an historical novel of stunning originality, one that more than lives up to the promise of her earlier work."

-Deborah Peifer, Bay Area Reporter

"Stores has created a masterful portrait of family relationships."

-Pam Keesey, Lambda Book Report