Consortium Guidelines

Host Institution: Consortium school in which student intends to register for courses.

Home Institution:Consortium school in which student is matriculated.

Undergraduate Cross-Registration: Full-time matriculated undergraduate students qualify for cross-registration during the fall and spring semesters at the following Consortium institutions:

Saint Joseph College

Trinity College

University of Hartford

For International Studies, Modern / Classical Languages Program, Religious Studies, Urban Studies and Women’s Studies students can cross-register at:

Saint Thomas Seminary

Capitol Community College

Central Connecticut State University

Goodwin College

University of Connecticut – Hartford Campus

No tuition fee or technology fee is paid by the student to the host institution. Please note that transportation, books and special lab fees are the student’s responsibility.

Academic calendars differ at various Consortium institutions. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the host school’s vacation periods, the last day to withdraw from a course without penalty and other pertinent calendar dates.

Graduate Cross-Registration: Matriculated graduate students must pay full tuition and special fees to the host institution they are attending. Tuition remission is valid only for graduate employees of Consortium institutions. Consortium cross-registration paperwork must be completed for grading and reporting purposes.

Employee Cross-Registration: Full-time employees may enroll in one course per semester during the fall, spring and summer semester at any of the institutions listed above. They must submit a Hartford Consortium for Higher Education Employee Remission form signed by their immediate supervisor. For further information contact the Human Resource department.

Procedures: Students are eligible for cross-registration for one or two courses per semester. It is expected that two courses off-campus is the maximum a student will schedule, but under "special circumstances and special permission" from the Registrar, Doreen G. Lay, a student may schedule three courses at a Consortium institution.

Each semester Hartford Consortium for Higher Education catalogs are available in the Registrar’s Office located in the Computer Center Room 217. For current listings the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education office can be contacted at (860) 906-5016 or at

Student Responsibilities

  • Make sure the course or courses will be accepted for credit at the home institution.
  • Obtain a cross-registration form from Sandra Stevens in the Registrar’s Office, Computer Center Room 217.
  • Complete the cross-registration form. A separate form for each course is required. Use ball-point pen to ensure all copies are legible.
  • Obtain advisor’s signature on cross-registration form.
  • Obtain signature from Sandra Stevens in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Take completed and signed cross-registration form to the college where enrollment is desired. Registration procedures and deadlines of the host institution must be followed.
  • Any changes to the registration form (additions, substitutions, withdrawal) must be reported to the home institution. Sandra Stevens can be reached at (860) 768-4557 or at
  • Obtain permission of the home institution to take a course as pass /no pass.
  • Ensure the canary colored copy of the cross-registration form is sent to the Registrar’s Office of the home institution.
  • If permission of the host institution instructor is needed, obtain the instructor’s contact information from the host institution or the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education office and arrange for an appointment.

    Registration begins on or after December 1 for spring registrations and on or after May 1 for fall registrations. Please note that all registrations occur on normal business days. In order to maintain registration equality among University of Hartford students, the following dates should be strictly enforced.

    It is not recommended that seniors anticipating a spring graduation cross-register due to a possible delay in transferring grades between institutions.

    Full credit is given for passing grades. All grades and credits are considered "in residence" consequently a student’s G.P.A. is affected.