There are numerous outstanding poster and paper presentations that will be sponsored by the SSRL SIG. We strongly encourage all SIG members to attend these sessions to support our membership and colleagues and to learn about new and exciting research. This year all our sessions are on Weds so please make that day a Self-Regulation day!


POSTER SESSION: Wednesday, April 15 – 8:15am – 9:45am

Chair : Hefer Bembenutty


The Impact of Interventions and Background Variables on Self-Regulation, Memory, and Learning


A Microanalytic Study of Self-Regulated Learning Processes of Expert, Nonexpert, and At-Risk Science Students

* Maria K. Dibenedetto (The Graduate Center - CUNY)

Can Mnemonic Strategies Help Students Combat Forgetting Caused by Interference?

* Russell N. Carney (Missouri State University) , Joel R. Levin (The University of Arizona) , Angela M. Webb (Missouri State University)

Comparison of Parents' and Children's Perceptions of Students' Self-Regulation in Mathematics

* Peggy P. Chen (Hunter College – CUNY) , Timothy J. Cleary (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)

Effectiveness of Note Taking, Self-Questioning, and Summarizing Strategies on Learning From Diagrams in an Online Environment

Ya-Ling Lan (The Pennsylvania State University) , * Rayne A. Sperling (The Pennsylvania State University)

Motivation and Self-Regulation Assessments in Urban and Suburban Schools: Needs and Practices of School Psychologists

* Timothy J. Cleary (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)

Parenting Practices, Independent Learning, and Achievement

* Pamela Ford Murphy (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Review of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) Models and Its Implications for Future SRL Theory Development

* Moon-Heum Cho (Indiana University/Purdue University at Fort Wayne) , David A. Bergin (University of Missouri)

Self-Regulated Learning Strategies Reported by College Students in Distance and Face-to-Face Courses

* Jina Wang (University of Houston) , Christopher A. Wolters (University of Houston) , Weihua Fan (University of Houston) , Stefanie A. Mueller (University of Houston)

Self-Regulation and Academic Achievement Among Employed College Students: Does Cutting Back on the Number of Work Hours Help?

* Faye Huie (George Mason University) , Adam Winsler (George Mason University) , Anastasia Kitsantas (George Mason University)

SELVES: An Intervention to Improve Self-Regulated Learning in Elementary School

* Barbara Otto (University of Frankfurt) , Franziska Perels (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)

Trainings to Improve Self-Regulated Learning

* Franziska Perels (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany) , Barbara Otto (University of Frankfurt)

Web-Based Feedback and Self-Regulation: How Teacher-Student Interactions Influence Academic Self-Efficacy, Attributions for Success, and Self-Efficacy for Self-Regulation

* Douglas F. Kauffman (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) , Ya-Shu Yang (University of Connecticut)

Writing Composition Strategies of Elementary School Brazilian Students

* Evely Boruchovitch (University of Campinas)

Self-Regulation Across Time of Online Learners

* Lucy M. Barnard (Baylor University) , * Valerie Osland Paton (Texas Tech University) , * William Y. Lan (Texas Tech University)


PAPER SESSION: Wednesday, April 15 – 10:35am – 12:05pm

Chairs : Marcel Veenman;

Discussant : Leonard Bliss


Measuring and Applying Self-Regulated Learning in Nontraditional Learning Contexts

Exploring Relations Among College Students' Prior Knowledge, Implicit Theories of Intelligence, and Self-Regulated Learning in a Hypermedia Environment
    Jeffrey A. Greene, University of North Carolina; Lara-Jeane C Costa, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; Jane Robertson, University of North Carolina; Pan Yi, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; Vic Deekens, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Relationship Between Self-Regulatory Learning Strategies and Goal Orientations: A Canonical Correlation Analysis
    Cansel Kadioglu, Gaziosmanpasa University; Esen Uzuntiryaki, Middle East Technical University; Yesim Capa Aydin, Middle East Technical University

Using Structural Equation Modeling to Explore Motivation and Volition for Nurses in Nontraditional Learning Environments
    Jason Bryer, University at Albany - SUNY; Laurie Nagelsmith, Excelsior College

Validating the Epistemic Belief Inventory Using Item Response Theory
    Jillianne Code, Simon Fraser University

Measuring Medical Students' Self-Regulation in Computer-Based Learning Environments
    Hyuksoon S. Song, New York University ; Adina L. Kalet , New York University



PAPER DISCUSSION: Wednesday, April 15 – 12:25pm – 1:05pm


Variations in Self-Regulated Learning as a Function of School Setting, Learning Format, and Personal Factors

Designating Reader Perspective to Increase Comprehension and Interest
    Crystal M. Ramsay, The Pennsylvania State University ; Rayne A. Sperling, The Pennsylvania State University

Effects of Feedback and Strategy Modeling on Math Performance and Self-Regulatory Processes
    Adam Moylan, University of California - San Francisco

Epistemological Beliefs and Self-Regulated Learning Skills in the Online Course Environment
    Lucy M. Barnard, Baylor University; William Y. Lan, Texas Tech University; Steven M. Crooks, Texas Tech University; Valerie Osland Paton, Texas Tech University

Personal Factors Underlying the Relation Between Metacognitive Judgments and Control in Self-Regulated Learning
    Li Sha, Simon Fraser University; Philip H. Winne, Simon Fraser University; Stephen R. Campbell, Simon Fraser University

The Community College Longitudinal Retention (CCLR) Study: Phase 2
    George Marmell, University of Texas - Austin; Claire Ellen Weinstein, University of Texas; Taylor Wayne Acee, University of Texas - Austin; Breana Jeanne Sylvester Dacy, University of Texas; JaeHak Jung, University of Texas - Austin; James Lucchelli, San Antonio College; Emma L. Mendiola, San Antonio College; Daniel L. Murphy, University of Texas - Austin; Sonia Valdez, San Antonio College; Robert Zeigler, San Antonio College; Michelle Jordan, University of Texas – Austin

Measuring Self-Regulation in Online and Blended Learning Environments
    Yen M. To, Texas Tech University; Lucy M. Barnard, Baylor University; William Y. Lan, Texas Tech University; Valerie Osland Paton, Texas Tech University; Shu-Ling Lai, Ling Tung University



SYMPOSIUM: Wednesday, April 15 – 12:25pm – 1:55pm

Chairs : Michaela Schmidt, Bernhard Schmitz, Christiane Spiel

Discussant : Adam Moylan


Lifelong Learning: From Definition to Intervention


Scheduled Time: Wed, Apr 15 - 12:25pm - 1:55pm    Building/Room: San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina / Oceanside
Title Displayed in Event Calendar: Lifelong Learning: From Definition to Intervention

How to Encourage Lifelong Learning (LLL) in School? Theoretical Specifications and Implementation of a Training Program

Marko Lueftenegger (University of Vienna, Institute of Psychology) , Monika Finsterwald (University of Vienna, Institute of Psychology) , Barbara Schober (University of Vienna, Faculty of Psychology) , Petra Wagner , * Christiane Spiel (University of Vienna, Faculty of Psychology)

Promoting Engagement in Lifelong Learning:

* Katariina Salmela-Aro (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies) , Jukka Vuori (Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki, Finland)

Promoting Lifelong Learning: Training Programs to Improve Postgraduate Students' Self-Regulation

* Michaela Schmidt (Technical University of Darmstadt) , Bernhard Schmitz (Institute of Psychology University)

Self-Regulated Learning With Digital Media as an Aspect of Life-Long Learning: Results From a Study Using the Thinking-Aloud Method

* Markus Dresel (University of Augsburg)

Abstract :

The OECD proclaims lifelong learning (LLL) as a topic of central relevance. But so far a satisfying definition cannot be found neither from the perspective of policy nor within the sciences. There is also a lack of intervention programs. Especially Educational Psychology has to deal with LLL as various traditional fields of these domains are decisive for LLL. The symposium presents four papers focusing on a theoretical approach on LLL and first steps of an implementation of a teacher program (Schober et al.) and on interventions promoting core aspects of LLL during career transition (Salmela-Aro) and self-regulated learning (Schmidt & Schmitz, Dresel). The discussion ( Adams ) crystallizes central findings and recommends enhancements and further steps.



BUSINESS MEETING: Wednesday, April 15 – 6:15pm – 7:45pm

Location : Building - San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina , Room: Oceanside

Chairs : Sherri Horner, Heidi Andrade


Guest Speaker:

College Readiness for At-Risk Students: It Is More Than the Three R's
    Claire Ellen Weinstein, University of Texas