SSRL SIG Business Meeting Minutes
Sunday, May 02, 2010, 6:15 p.m.
AERA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO
Colorado Convention Center Room 712


In attendance: Heidi Andrade, Olson Annanbino, Hefer Bembenutty, Matthew Bernacki, Srilata Bhattacharyya, Linda Bol, Evely Boruchovitch, Ivar Braten, Timothy Cleary, Steve Durning, Diane Endall-Bruno, Inga Glogger, Allyson Hadwin, Marion Hauguik, Doug Kauffman, Saskia Kistner, Anastasia Kitsantas, Bracha Kramarski, Christoph Metzger, Peter Molena, Adam Moylan, Pamela Murphy, Raffaella Negretti, Darshanared Ramdass, Jill Salisbury-Glennon, Melanie Schutte, Aubrie Swar Seir, Helge Strauss, Connie Tollett, Saudia Trost, Marcel Veenman, and Casey White.

The meeting was called to order by Senior Chair Heidi Andrade, who acknowledged past and incoming SIG officers, and our web master, Rick King.

Networking Activity
Attendees introduced themselves to at least four others they did not already know.

Bylaws Update
Heidi Andrade described work that has been done on the draft of the bylaws, which is available on the web site. The draft is not yet final. An email will be coming this summer about voting on the bylaws when they are in final form.

Treasurer Report
Hefer Bembenutty delivered the treasurer’s report for Tracey Leacock, who was absent. The SIG currently has 116 members and a balance of $2,818 in the account. We hope to have more members next year. Heidi Andrade explained that the number of members is important because it is one of the factors used to determine the number of sessions the SIG will have at the annual meeting.

Web Site: Move or Stay?
AERA is encouraging SIGs to evaluate their SIG web sites. Previously, we decided to leave the site where it is, but we will discuss it and decide whether to move it to AERA site or leave it where it is. We attempted to view the site, but had technical difficulties. It is currently located at Members were asked to look at the site and send comments. A member suggested that we might get more exposure if we were at the AERA site. Heidi said that there is a link to the SIG site at the AERA site. Srilata Bhattacharyya mentioned that at an earlier SIG leadership meeting, there were comments that people had been having problems with the AERA site.

The current SIG newsletter is available at the web site, as are past issues.

New Review Panel Procedures
There are new requirements from AERA for the proposal review process. Each reviewer is required to review a larger number of proposals than before. Graduate students cannot be included as one of the three required reviewers but they can serve as fourth reviewer if they meet the other requirements. Orientation and training sessions for reviewers are offered at the annual meeting.

Graduate Student Research Awards
At the executive committee meeting, held just before the business meeting, the SIG officers decided to raise the awards to $250. This year we did not get many submissions and we gave no awards. We discussed ways to advertise the awards and encourage students to submit proposals. Students have to submit proposals through the regular system and also email the GSRA Chair. Douglas Kauffman, the incoming GSRA Chair, encouraged students to apply and to spread the word.

Invited Speaker
Dr. Anastasia Kitsantas presented a talk by Dr. Barry J. Zimmerman in his absence, entitled “Self-Regulated Learning: A Conscious or a Non-Conscious Process?”

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion with many thoughtful questions from the audience.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45.