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Connecticut Installers:


Solar Businesses:






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Solar Website Resources:


Connecticut Installers 

Websites for certified solar installers for the

Connecticut Photovoltaic Rebate Program.


Akeena Solar, Inc.

Burrington's Solar Edge

Global Resource Options

Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics Cooperative

Solar Energy Systems, Inc.

Solar Works, Inc.

Spire Solar

Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc.

Sunsearch Inc./Aegis Electrical Systems (e-mail)



Solar Businesses

Websites from various companies and organizations in the solar power industry.

AltPower, Inc. - New York based solar energy installer

BP Solar - Petroleum Company's Solar Division.

Go Solar Company - Information on PV Systems and setup.

Maine Solar - Specializing in "off-grid" power production

Powerlight - Nationís leading designer, manufacturer and installer of grid-connected solar electric systems

RMS Electric, Inc. - Power Systems Specialists.

SHARP - Solar Power Systems.

Shell Solar - Petroleum Company's Solar Division.

Solar Design Associates - Building design firm dedicated to integrating solar energy in homes and buildings.

Solar Energy International (SEI) - provides education and technical assistance for renewable energy technologies

Solar Market - Designs and installs Renewable Energy Systems.

SolarOne - Small-scale utility type solar power products and services company


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Websites that relate to the use of solar power in the state of Connecticut.

CT Transit - Connecticut doing its part to clean up the roads.

CT Clean Energy Fund - Solar Connecticut is made possible because of the support the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

CT Climate Change - Connecticut's climate is changing, see how it can change for the better.

PACE - People's Action for Clean Energy.

Rountree Architects - Connecticut based architecture firm.

SmartPower - Find out about SmartPower and how it helps our environment.

Watts New CT - Find out about your electricity supplier.

Institute for Sustainable Energy - Eastern Connecticut State University Energy Organization


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Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Environmental Resource at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Clean Air Cool Planet - Nonprofit organization promoting solutions to global warming.

Maine Solar House - A grid-tied solar home in Maine, built in 1995 with a 4.2 kW PV system that generates 100% of early needs

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) - Northeast chapter of American Solar Energy Society.

New Hampshire - New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) - Link to Solar Center

Vermont - The Renewable Energy Resource Center (Vermont Energy Investment Corporation). - Renewable Energy internet source based in New Hampshire


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Rest of Country

Making this country a cleaner and more energy efficient environment can not be done with just one or two states we all must do our part in making this country more Solar Powered. Here are a few websites detailing what other states are up to.

Arizona - Arizona Solar Center.

California - California Solar Center.

California Energy Commission - Solar in sunny California.

Florida - Florida Solar Energy Center.

Hawaii - Hawaii Solar Photovoltaic Energy.

Potomac Region (Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC) - Potomac Region Solar Energy Association

Texas - Texas Solar Energy Society


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The present, past and future of Solar Energy in the United States.

American Solar Enegy Society (ASES) - National organization dedicated to solar power.

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) - Find out what incentives are in your area.

Department of Energy - United States Government's Department of Energy website.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - EERE, Branch of the United States Department of Energy

Energy Savers - Learn ways to conserve energy.

EnergyStar - Find out more about saving energy.

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency.

IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Program - Statistics on U.S. PV involvement.

IREC - Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

ISP - Institute for Sustainable Power.

Million Solar Roofs - Million Solar Roofs by 2010 initiative, making solar power a reality in the US

National Center for Photovoltaics - DOE's Research and Development Labs for Photovoltaics.

NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Photovoltaics for Buildings.

REPP - Renewable Energy Policy Project's Solar Page.

SUNetwork - Informational site on sustainable energy.

Sandia National Laboratories - Sandia National Laboratories is a Photovoltaic Research Center.


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Websites that present solar power on an international level.

AGORES - Global overview of renewable energy.

ATLAS - European Non-Nuclear Energy Plan.

CanSIA - Canadian Solar Industries Association.

EUROPA - Information on research and technology of PV Cells.

GERMANY - The latest from the Fraunhofer Institute.

ISES - International Solar Energy Society.

ITT Tech - Solar Tech: Europe aims to lead world in Solar Technology.

KCPVEUNSW - Key Center for Photovoltaic Engineering University of New South Wales, Australia.

Safe Climate - International effort to sustain livable climates.

SESCI - Solar Energy Society of Canada, Inc.

SEPA - Solar Electric Power Association.

SOLARBUZZ - Some interesting points about international statistics on Solar Energy.

Successful PVs - Success induced by government support.


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