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Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center

System: 1.024 kW Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic system

The building features ground source heat pump; a radiant floor classroom, ceiling fan directly powered by photovoltaics.

Installed by Burrington's Solar Edge

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Discovery Science Museum

System: 19.0 kW Photovoltaic system

Installed by Green Mountain Energy in partnership with BP Solar and Nuon.

Renewable Energy educational exhibit at museum

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Fairfield University Apartment Housing

System: 14.5 kW Grid-Tied solar shingle roof, 880 solar shingles with a max output of 17 watts each cover 3,000 sq. ft of townhouse roof. 

Manufactured by United Solar Systems Corp.

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Salmon Brook Ecology Center

System: 2.97 kW Grid-Tied Photovoltaic system

Made possible with support from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund

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CT Transit Bus Depot

System: 23.1 kW Grid-Tied Photovoltaic system

Engineered by Select Energy Services, Inc., Installed by altPower

uses PowerLight's Powerguard solar electric roof system

Made possible with support from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund

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New Milford

The Pratt Education Center

System: 0.45 kW Off-Grid Photovoltaic system

6 fixed 75 watt PV panels are connected to 4 Trojan L16 360A batteries

Designed by Ed Witkin at Bridgewater Solar Works

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Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center

System: 7.92 kW Grid-Tied Photovoltaic system

66 Astropower 120 watt crystalline photovoltaic panels, Sunny Boy DC to AC inverters and data acquisition system.  Installed by altPower, made possible by Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

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West Haven

West Haven High School

System: 6.8 kW Grid-Tied Photovoltaic system

PowerLight's PowerGuard photovoltaic system, 10 kW Xantrex/Trace inverter using AstroPower 130-watt solar modules, Installed by altPower.

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John Ashton Tower (Willimantic Housing Authority)

System: 5.0 kW Grid-Tied Photovoltaic system

48 Astropower 100-watt, two 2500-watt Trace Sun Tie inverters

Installed by Solar Works, Inc.

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Installation Total

Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center, Ansonia, CT

1.02 kW

CT Transit Bus Depot, Hartford, CT

23.1 kW

Discovery Science Museum, Bridgeport, CT

19.0 kW

Fairfield University Apartment Housing, Fairfield, CT

14.5 kW

John Ashton Tower, Willimantic, CT

5.0 kW

Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center, Stamford, CT

7.92 kW

The Pratt Education Center, New Milford, CT

0.45 kW

Salmon Brook Ecology Center, Granby, CT

2.97 kW

West Haven High School, West Haven, CT

6.8 kW


80.76 kW


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