I see the world as very different, growing every day. The way the world is structured is based on the way the residents of each place interact or their way of life. What makes an area strive and progress, in my eyes, can most simply mean community as well as much diversity. New York State,
specifically to me, is the center of the United States because I see it as we have many of the things that other places lack especially to be such a small state. Within New York State lies, New York City, the "City the Never Sleeps", it is hectic, always busy, and made up of very diverse people at each corner. Many New Yorkers maintain various lifestyles, which is what shapes the place I live and reside.

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  • Fashion, by definition, is “a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.” ( In essence, fashion is somewhat what defines oneself, it can be looked at as sort of our finger print however fashion changes and shapes based on the time and the influences one receives. For example a person can be influenced by nature or the earth and may dress accordingly, in natural greens or things of that sort. Fashion is a person’s form a self-expression in a sense, similar to music. Also, with fashion being so prevalent in the city I live in it tends to distinguish one from the other. Throughout time as well, fashion has tended to differentiate between class, whether economic or even socially. Whether some admit it or not fashion helps the world go ‘round, it take place in our daily lives, it may even affect the way we communicate with others.

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    This is the basics about me , I love my city and I love fashion. Essentially, I am just a young, city girl. Born into a confused generation, where things don't make sense. I am striving to leave my mark. As a senior at the University of Hartford I am embracing the environment but, looking to broaden my horizons at every corner. This is me.

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