Ph.D.—  University of California, Los Angeles, English, 1978

                          Dissertation: "The English Religious Sonnet from Wyatt to Milton"

M.A.—  University of New Mexico, English, 1974

B.A.—  California State University, Los Angeles, 1969

                             Major: English    Minor: Philosophy




Award for Outstanding Teaching, University of Hartford, 2001-02

Student Government Association Service Award, University of Hartford, 2001

“Above and Beyond” Staff Service Award, University of Hartford, 1993

Vincent Brown Coffin Fellowship, University of Hartford, 1986-87

Humanities Center Fellowship, University of Hartford, 1984-85




Professor of English (tenured 1985), 1994-

Associate Professor of English, 1985-94

Assistant Professor of English, University of Hartford, 1979-85




Co-chair, Department of English, University of Hartford, 2001-03

Associate Chair, Department of English, University of Hartford, 1989-90

Director of the Writing Program, University of Hartford, 1979-88




Consulting Editor, The Complete Works of Raymond Carver. Ten volumes.

               Tokyo: Chuokoron-Shinsha Publishers, 1990-

Consulting Reader, College Composition and Communication, 1986-90




Editor [with Maureen P. Carroll], Tell It All [New writings by and about Raymond Carver, including contributions by Haruki Murakami, Tess Gallagher, and Riccardo Duranti, with previously unpublished photographs.] Rome: Leconte editore, 2005.  155 pages.


Editor [with Maureen P. Carroll], Tell It Straight: Three Unpublished Poems by Raymond Carver.  [Limited edition with an Afterword by William L. Stull and Maureen P. Carroll as well as original artwork by Andy Pirie.]  Bozrah: Assembly Line Press, 2003.


Editor, Call If You Need Me: The Uncollected Fiction and Other Prose, by Raymond Carver.  London: Harvill Press, 2000.  xviii + 300; New York: Vintage Contemporaries, 2001.


Editor, All of Us: The Collected Poems, by Raymond Carver.  [Critical edition.]  London: Harvill Press, 1996.  xxx + 386; New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1998.  Readers Subscription alternate selection, Aug. 1998.


Editor [with Riccardo Duranti], Il mestiere di scrivere: esercizi, lezioni, saggi di scrittura creativa [The Art of Writing: Exercises, Lessons, and Essays on Creative Writing], by Raymond Carver.  Italian trans. by Riccardo Duranti.  Torino: Giulio Einaudi editore, 1997.  xv + 172.


Editor [with Maureen P. Carroll], Remembering Ray: A Composite Biography of Raymond Carver.  [Includes original contributions by forty-three noted writers.]  Santa Barbara: Capra Press, 1993.  263 pages.


Editor, Carnations: A Play in One Act, by Raymond Carver.  [Limited edition of a previously unpublished play, with an Introduction by Richard Cortez Day and an Afterword by William L. Stull.]  Vineburg: Engdahl Typography, 1992.  vi + 35.


Editor, No Heroics, Please: Uncollected Writings, by Raymond Carver.  London: Harvill, 1991; New York, Vintage Books, 1992.  239 pages.  Quality Paperback Book Club alternate selection, Sept. 1992.


Editor [with Marshall Bruce Gentry], Conversations with Raymond Carver.  Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1990.  xxviii + 259.


Editor, Those Days: Early Writings by Raymond Carver.  [Limited edition of previously uncollected poetry and fiction, with a Preface by Carver and Notes and Afterword by William L. Stull.]  Elmwood: Raven Editions, 1987.  x + 29.


Editor [With Lisa E. Spencer, Barbara Campbell, and Trudy  Mitchell], Synergy.  [Writings by Fellows of the Connecticut Writing Project Advanced Summer Institute.]  Storrs: Connecticut Writing Project, 1986.  ii + 81 pages.


Editor, Developmental Writing Across The Curriculum [Essays by Fellows of the Spring 1984 Hartford Teachers Institute.]  Hartford Teachers Institute, 1984.  vi + 251 pages.


Combining and Creating: Sentence Combining and Generative Rhetoric.  New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1983.  xvi + 352 pages.


Over fifty scholarly essays published; over twenty-five popular articles published; some thirty papers presented at MLA, NCTE, CCCC, and other professional meetings; grants from Mellon Foundation, Connecticut Board of Higher Education, and others.




LITERATURE    American Poetry, Contemporary Fiction,

                           Survey of European Literature, Bible and/as Literature


WRITING           Freshman Composition (regular and remedial), Advanced

                           Composition, Professional Writing, Creative Writing,

                           The Teaching of Composition (graduate seminar)


SPECIAL            Literary Collaboration: Raymond Carver and Tess Gallagher

TOPICS              The Anxious Voyage: Literature of the Quest

                           Brave New Worlds: Utopias and Dystopias





Faculty Sponsor, Sigma Tau Delta (International English Honor Society), 1997-

Advisory Editor, From the Workshop (undergraduate literary magazine), 1983-90

Founding and General Editor, Spectrum: The University of Hartford Undergraduate

               Scholarly Journal, 1979-88




Member, Provost’s Committee for Promotion and Tenure, 2005-

Member, University Library Committee, 2003-

Member, Honors Committee and University Scholar Committee, 1997-2002

Co-chair, Provost Search Committee, University of Hartford, 1995

Chair, Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee, 1994-97

Secretary, Faculty Senate, University of Hartford, 1992-93

Faculty Senator, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Hartford, 1991-97