The Department of English sports over 100 majors with a wide range of future plans. While some plan to work as writers, teachers, or actors, others look forward to graduate training in law, education, or English.

University of Hartford literature students can boast of both the breadth and depth of their training. Majors fulfill a range of distribution requirements that give them a solid grounding in the discipline, but they also enjoy the challenge of a sophomore seminar and a capstone course, each of which engages a small group of students in intensive study. Recent seminar and capstone courses have focused on Charles Dickens, Margaret Atwood, Jane Austen, and Charles Chesnutt.

Creative writing specialists learn alongside literature specialists in a variety of courses, and they augment this study with numerous workshop-oriented writing courses. Students in the creative writing track learn from current authors on staff as well as the authors who visit campus as part of the Cardin lecture series. In the past few years, Michael Cunningham, Jonathan Franzen, and Claire Messud have graced the lecture hall and the classroom at the university. Creative Writing capstone courses offered in recent years include   Additionally, creative writers and other students work together to produce Aerie, a literary journal featuring student prose, poetry, and artwork.  

English Department offices are located on the second floor of Auerbach Hall—stop by to pick up a program brochure and learn more about our  courses and professors.


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