Research Interests Honors & Awards Publications Grants

Grants Secured as Principal Investigator (Research and Instructional):

1998-2002 Principal Investigator & Program Director, National Science Foundation Grant on Action Agenda for Curricular Reform. Total grant of $1.1 Million, Contribution from NSF is $600,000 for Integration of Design throughout the Curriculum by involving Humanities, Sciences and Social sciences (September 1998).

1999-2001 Robert and Helen Kleberg Foundation. Grant of $45,000 for the Design and Development of Rehab Walker Support System - In association with the Albert Einstein Hospital of Medicine, New York.

1997-1999 Principal Investigator, Society Of Manufacturing Engineering Foundation, (Michigan)- Grant for curriculum innovation, $71,000 (Aug. 1997).

1996-1997 Co-Principal Investigator, Orthopedic Research Grant from University of Connecticut Health Center for research on micro sensors (1996).

1995-1997 Principal Investigator, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Foundation Grant for Manufacturing Related Research and Curriculum Development, $387,000 (1995).

1995-1998 Principal Investigator, Research Grant from Albert Einstein Medical Center, NY for investigation of Telemeterized animal Implants.

1993 Principal Investigator, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Foundation Grant For Manufacturing Research and Instruction. $804,000, highest ever given to a private University from SME. (August, 1993).

1993 Co-Principal Investigator, Yankee Ingenuity Grant Award of $94,000 from the State of Connecticut for research on Telemeterized Measurement of Parameters of Prosthetic Device at the interface zone. (Sept. 1993).

1992 Principal Investigator, Two General Electric Concurrent Engineering Awards for and Research in Manufacturing Engineering.(91-93).

1992 Principal Investigator Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Co. Educational Research University Project Grant. (February 1992).

1992 Principal Investigator Vincent Coffin Grant for research on Flexible Manufacturing jointly with MIT faculty.

1991 Co-Principal Investigator National Science Foundation Grant $57,000 funding for the Improvement of Quality by Multi-course Integration in the CIM Program.(August 1991).

1991 Principal Investigator Society of Manufacturing Engineering Education Foundation grant of $79,000 for the enhancement of Mechanical Engineering Courses. (July 1991).

1991 Principal Investigator Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation Award for the Computer Aided Design research at the University of Hartford. (August 1989).

1990 American Society of Engineering Education Fellowship Award at Stanford University. (August 1990).