Thailand is a land of exotic beauty. Phuket and Pattaya are well known highly crowded beaches and can leave a hole in your pocket. On the other hand Bangkok has lost favor with vistors in recent times. But there are a few lesser visited tour spots here.The Rose Gardens and the Zoo are good examples. The Rose garden is where your eyes can feast on the variety of roses in a range of hues. The fragrances are so overwhelmingly powerful they take your breadth away.The sprawling zoo is a must visit. It can keep you entertained all day with a series of bird and animal shows that are tastefully presented without overexhausting the animals.The secret to enjoying Bangkok is to savor it over a week or two and not miss out on the leisurely cruise at night that introduces you to the authentic Thai cusine and cultural dances by light footed Thai belles. Bangkok is a treasure trove of precious stones that are genuine and not very expensive. Get there bare and return home with a rare collection you will never regret!