Old Notes
October 14, 2002:

Privet, Hello, Guten Tag!
    I added new folder to my account with russian
    chanson songs. It's a nostalgic music for me.
    All material on my website is for testing purposes
    ONLY use it at your own risk.
Yours turly, Toshik.

September 30, 2002:

    I updated some of the old comments from am currently working
    on campus and will be able to keep this site
    up to date.
Yours turly, Toshik. My phone in russia: + 12 (243) 149-114.

Journal: Jul 8, 2002
    Khe khe there is a good research tool for those that need marketing research & statistics. Industry Canada I found it quite useful for market research.
Journal: Jun 27, 2002
    I have got recipe of a magical cake, which I whanna make (since I did not eat that for a very-long time.) I need to get some baking soda, sour jam and couple of baking pans for the cake. Let's see what will happen next.
- Asta la pasta.

Journal: Jun 26, 2002
    I am done with database and ready to start bigger project. It's a lot of pain, but I hope for a gain.
- Ashken.

Journal: Jun 25, 2002
    Another day at work.
    Developing Access databases is hectic, when the end-users don't know a heck about using Access and need to be thought form the scratch. (Meaning they will scratch their heads while listening to you.) I hope to ask them what are the expectations from the database, and make it as simple as possible, limiting it only to the reports they ask me for.
    In simple words: User Must Die!.
-Angry Developer

Journal: Jun 20, 2002
    This is my first note here on Gnutella, but not the first one in my web diary. I had posed my monthly journal on other website, but it's a pain to write in HTML in a notepad (I donno why I am still doing it), and uploading info up sucks. (I should've developed a java for my page.)

April 01, 2002:
    Hi again!

    I am still working on the April 11th conference:

    Connecticut's 9th Annual Governor's
    Conference on Tourism & 15th Annual
    Unity Dinner.

    April 11-12, 2002
    Mystic Marriott - Groton, CT

    More information could be found HERE.

    An Internet radio from Moscow - Silver Rain
    Broadcasts all kinds of music, and News updates;
    All you need is Winamp program and this Link:

    Have Fun!

    March 29, 2002:
    March 09, 2002:

      Since there is NO group page on the Blackboard
      I decided to make one for our group.
      New PAGE:
      • MGT 320 Group page HERE

      Misc Links:


    March 03, 2002:

      Recent Updates:
    • MIS 310 Homework HERE
    • New subfolder for 2002 old updates

    February 25, 2002:

      Howdy people?
      New and Improved:
    • Univ. of Hartford Shutlle Bus Schedule
    • Anv Weekend Mall Bus Timeings (Coming Soon)

    That's all Folks!