Old Notes
October 25, 2001:

    Wazz Up?
    First Good Stuff:
    Virtual business is flourishing despite Sept 11th tragedy;
    I am building a soc in Diablo II (fire/light)
    Doing Blood and Cow runs constantly - 18 play hours and she is lvl 64.
  • Take a look at - people selling virtual stuff there!

  • Last is nice too:
  • A nice picture HERE taken I belive on Oct 18th.

That's all for now.
October 08, 2001:
  • Allright!
    I finally forced myself to install ReadHat
    Linux on my Ancient laptop. (Like i really needed it) 8-)
  • Enough one could think.
    Nahhh.... Already I got an idea of installing
    Linux on a palmtop. What goes next? A Linux-powered Toaster?
    Anyhow here some links providing food for thought:

  • Familiar Linux

  • Linux Devcenter

Be good,

May 15, 2001:
  • Finally Finals are over!
    I am about to start my new web project,
    beware investers and competitors!
  • I have a lot of thing to do to get
    it done, but i have a will and time to
    test my abilities, so wish me luck
    Truly yours,

April 20, 2001:
  • The main reasons for this page update
    are following:
    • I will have to create couple of web pages.
    • My previous design sucked.
    • I have to finish my personal page.

  • Previous Messages could be found in
    subfolders "2001" and "2000."

Jan 25, 2001:
  • Happy Y2K!
    Economic world celebrates beginning of recession.
    I finally fixed my PC and now able
    to experiment with installation of Linux

  • I am looking for used books for EC 311, EC 324 and MKT 340:
    Macroeconomics, Theories, Policies, and
    International applications, 2nd edition
    by R. L. Miller and D. VanHouse,
    Markets and Institutions: A Contemporary
    Introduction to Financial Services
    2nd edition by W. L. Scott,
    Consumer Behavior 7th edition
    by L. G. Schiffman and L. L. Kanuk

  • If you are interested to sell them contact me via