Old Notes
Nov 14, 2000:
  • Well, I got myself 6 Gig. HD from
    and spent about 5-6 hours getting files
    from the old to the new one.
    I am supposed to start installing Linux,
    but I guess it could wait till the weekend

Oct 26, 2000:
  • Today I bought some bobble gum, and unwrapping it
    read motto, which in the light of the recent
    Dot-Com failures, took on a new meaning...
    It said:
    "Blow your own bubble" ™
    And below was a link:

Oct 23, 2000:
  • Here some links from the Fortune:
    Start-ups by Anna Zornosa:

  • My personal news:
    I am looking to BUY a IDE harddrive for my Laptop,
    around 6-10 Gig, for $ 60 -100/bo.
    If you have one for sale e-mail me
  • Favourite Quotes from Fortune Oct 30, 2000:
    "... The Internet is an extraordinary way to communicate
    with known custumers but a terrible way to attract new
    custumers" (Roger McNamee - ICP tech investor)
  • Misc. links:

Oct 19, 2000:
  • It is probably late, but for your information,
    there is a lecture of CEO:
    which starts at 8:00 pm in Lincoln Theater,
    maybe you'll be lucky enough to get in.
  • I developed some pictures of Elisabeth park,
    so pretty soon I will post them here.
  • A GSM standard now works in Hartford, CT.
    Good rates and coverage area,
    for more info check out